Welcome to a world where the boundaries between art and magic blur, where creativity intertwines with mysticism, and where transformation can happen. This is my realm, where I, as an artist and magic practitioner, converge with like-minded individuals. Here, the canvas and the cauldron coexist, and the creative process becomes a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

I’m Kymba, and I’ve devoted nearly five decades to exploring the mystical and magical realms that beautifully intersect with my creative journey. As a neurodivergent individual, my passion also extends to working with those on the ASD spectrum, embracing the unique perspectives it brings. I invite you to join me in my exploration of “Art, Magic, and Transformation.”
In the dance of my imagination and intention, where my brush strokes meet incantations, where my spellwork and artistry fuse, Art, Magic, and Transformation find their intersection. Whether you’re a seasoned artist, a budding mage, or someone simply curious about the enchanting connection between the two, this is a sanctuary for your unique path.

Art, for me, is a language of my soul, a form of expression that transcends words and taps into the depths of my emotions and desires. It allows me to paint my inner worlds on a canvas, sculpt my thoughts in clay, and breathe life into stories on the written page. Magic, on the other hand, is the subtle thread that weaves through existence, a practice that explores the unseen forces and energies that shape our reality. It empowers me to manifest dreams, seek guidance from the universe, and connect with the mystical.

The beauty of this space is the synergy between these two worlds. It is my understanding that art itself is a form of magic, a spell cast with every brushstroke, every word written, and every note played. It is my recognition that magic is an art, a creative endeavor that calls upon my imagination and the deepest desires of my heart. When these forces merge, transformation takes center stage. The act of creating becomes a catalyst for my personal growth and spiritual exploration.

My practice is dedicated to uncovering the secrets, rituals, and techniques that lie at the heart of “Art, Magic, and Transformation,” guiding me on a path of self-discovery and empowerment through the liminal space between creative expression and mystical practice.

Art is how I express my thoughts and feelings. Magic is what connects us and the universe. Brought together, these two worlds together create a catalyst for growth. The liminal space between creativity and mysticism is where transformation happens.

Let’s work together to make your artistic vision a reality!

We’ll focus on your craft, self-expression, and facilitating you making your authentic art.

No emphasis on marketing, selling, or monetizing your art.