Kymba’s Tarot Decks

Welcome to a world where the art of Tarot meets vibrant creativity and a commitment to inclusivity. I’m thrilled to introduce my diverse collection of Tarot decks, each a unique reflection of the transformative power of Tarot in our lives. Whether you’re an experienced reader or just starting your Tarot journey, you’ll find a deck that resonates with your spirit and empowers your divination practice.

The Skyclad Tarot – A Vibrant Celebration of Body Positivity:

? The Skyclad Tarot is a work of photographic art, created using long-exposure light painting techniques. This deck is a celebration of body positivity, embracing models in a range of sizes, shapes, ages, and colors. It’s a Tarot that’s truly LGBT-friendly.

? What sets this deck apart is the presence of four versions of The Lovers card, honoring all relationships: male/female, male/male, female/female, and a beautiful triad. Please note that this deck contains undraped models.

The 5 Elements Tarot – An Artistic Exploration of Spirit:

? Hand-painted with vibrant, saturated colors, the 5 Elements Tarot is a visual masterpiece. This deck goes beyond the traditional suits to incorporate the element of Spirit, represented by spirals.

? The court cards in this deck are ungendered, making it inclusive and diverse, offering unique interpretations for your readings.

The Rainbow Kawaii Tarot – Whimsical and Colorful:

? The Rainbow Kawaii Tarot is a delightful, whimsical deck filled with bright colors and playful, cartoonish pip cards. Its joyful imagery brings an element of fun to your Tarot readings.

The Collage Tarot – A Multicultural Journey:

? The Collage Tarot is a creative fusion of imagery, featuring colorful images sourced from various places. Based on the Rider-Waite tradition, this multicultural deck offers diverse perspectives and interpretations.

The Tarot Unlocked – Your Learning Companion:

? The Tarot Unlocked is your ideal learning companion. A Rider-Waite-based deck, it features speech bubbles on each card, explaining their meanings. This black and white deck is a valuable tool for those new to Tarot.

Infinite Spread Creator – Expanding Your Tarot Horizons:

? The Infinite Spread Creator is a unique, tarot-sized deck designed to enhance your Tarot readings. It contains questions and prompts that help you formulate precise questions and interpret the answers that Tarot provides. It’s a valuable tool for readers looking to deepen their practice.

Explore the magic and diversity of these Tarot decks and discover the one that speaks to your soul. Each deck is a portal to ancient wisdom, intuition, and personal insight, designed to enrich your divination journey.