Kymba’s Affirmation Decks

Welcome to a realm where the divine meets empowerment, where ancient Goddesses whisper words of strength, and where the essence of feminine power is celebrated. I am thrilled to introduce my collection of Affirmation Decks: “Affirmations for Goddesses” and “Affirmations for Pregnant People.” These decks are not just cards; they are sacred portals to self-love, confidence, and the infinite power that resides within every woman and expectant parent.

**Affirmations for Goddesses – Embrace Your Divine Essence:**

? Step into the enchanting world of Goddess energy with “Affirmations for Goddesses.” Each card features exquisite photographs of Goddess statues and icons sourced from museums worldwide. These timeless images are set against backgrounds of crystals and magical gemstones, infusing each affirmation with divine energy.

? Dive into the empowering affirmations curated specifically for women. Each card holds a powerful message, a reminder of the Goddess within you, urging you to embrace your strength, wisdom, and beauty.

? This deck is a celebration of the divine feminine. It serves as a daily companion, guiding you through life’s journey with grace, confidence, and the unwavering belief in your own power.

**Affirmations for Pregnant People – Nurturing the Journey to Parenthood:**

? “Affirmations for Pregnant People” is a tender embrace for expectant parents, offering solace, strength, and encouragement during the miraculous journey of pregnancy and childbirth. This deck features heartwarming images of babies, capturing the pure essence of innocence and hope.

? The affirmations within this deck are gentle reminders that your body knows what to do, that you are strong, and that you are destined to be a wonderful parent. With inclusive language, these affirmations resonate with all expectant parents, regardless of gender identity.

? Let the affirmations in this deck surround you with positive energy, guiding you through the transformative experience of parenthood with love, confidence, and a deep connection to the miracle of life.

Both decks are available as physical cards and as beautifully crafted books on Amazon, allowing you to carry their wisdom with you wherever you go. Embrace the divine energy, nurture your inner Goddess, and embark on the extraordinary journey of parenthood with affirmations that empower, uplift, and celebrate the magic within you.