About Kymba

With experience ranging from doing large public art events, high profile campaigns, and small, quirky, no-budget independent projects as well as working in a range of media, my diversity of experiences allows me to relate to your experiences as an artist.

Here are some of my bona fides!

I have had both paintings and sculptures in the Guggenheim Museum — face paintings and balloon sculptures, that is! I entertained at the Members’ Holiday Party, as well as other public events for 5 years.

My clients have included MLB, the US Open, Marc Ecko, and Tribeca Film Festival.

I have created artwork for the covers and interiors of national magazines. 

My artwork has been in galleries and museums on 3 continents.

I have done work for national advertising campaigns.

I have been a guest on tv programs in the US and Japan.

My artwork has adorned book covers and interiors.

I have written and published of several books.

I have created several tarot decks and affirmations decks.

I created a socially engaged art project with over 300 members of the public. Participants wrote down sleeping dreams that they had, and illustrated or interpreted the dreams of others, all anonymously.

During lockdown, I wrote and shot my first short film, which premiered at the Mumbai International Film Festival, was selected for inclusion in five other international film festivals, and won an award at the Andromeda Film Festival in Turkey.

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