About Kymba

I’m Kymba, an award-winning visual artist, filmmaker, author, and tarot creator with a lifelong fascination for the mystical and the magical. I’ve dedicated nearly five decades to the passionate exploration of the hidden threads that weave the realms of art and the occult sciences.

My artistic journey has taken me through group and solo gallery exhibitions, museum shows, and international film festivals. It’s a journey that has allowed me to delve into different media weaving the tapestry of my creativity. Especially close to my heart is the creation of tarot decks. With each card I create, I learn more of the nuances of the tarot. I first saw a deck in a movie as a child, it ignited an enduring curiosity. This fascination led me to explore symbolism to seek knowledge of hidden truths. My quests have extended to the occult sciences, magic, and divination. I’ve immersed myself in the study of these mystical arts and the transformative power of spells and rituals.

In pursuit of a life infused with more magic and meaning, I’ve become a certified coach, dedicated to guiding others on their own journeys of personal growth and transformation. Together, let’s find empowerment at the intersection of creativity and magic. 

Join me on this wondrous journey of art, magic, and transformation. As you navigate this space, you are not alone; you are part of a community dedicated to uncovering the hidden depths of creativity, weaving spells of personal growth, and embracing the extraordinary power that resides at that intersection of art and magic.

With a portfolio that ranges from large public art events to high-profile campaigns, as well as quirky, no-budget independent projects, I bring a rich tapestry of experiences that allow me to act as a guide and sounding board on your artistic journey.

My work has been featured on the covers and interiors of national magazines and has found a place in galleries and museums across three continents. And commercially in national advertising campaigns. I’ve made guest appearances on TV programs in the US and Japan, and written and published multiple books. I can honestly say that I’ve had both painting and sculptures in the Guggenheim Muesem, with the caveat that they were face paintings and balloon sculptures created while entertaining at the Members’ Holiday Party! Some of my other commercial clients have included MLB, the US Open, Marc Ecko, and the Tribeca Film Festival.

But my creativity extends beyond the tangible, frequently straying into the mystical and the magical. One of my socially engaged art projects was a collaboration with over 300 participants who anonymously and generously shared their sleeping dreams and creative interpretations.

During the lockdown, I ventured into the world of filmmaking, creating and directing my first short film. The film achieved international recognition, including a premiere at the Mumbai International Film Festival and an award at the Andromeda Film Festival in Turkey.

As a US expat who ventured to Mexico, I discovered a vibrant and mystical land that resonates with my quest for enchantment and spiritual connection.

Thank you for being here. May we each add a touch of magic to our shared voyage.

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