About Kymba

Hi, I’m Kymba Nijuck, an award-winning visual artist, filmmaker, author, and tarot creator with a lifelong fascination for the things unseen. I’ve dedicated nearly five decades to exploring the connections between the art and the occult.

I use my daily painting practice to defy depression and chronic pain. It is also a method to explore my world and a tool in my search for meaning.

I am also the author of several books and the creator of Colors Keep The Darkness Away, a group painting workshop for people dealing with issues of Sadness.

photo of Kymba Nijuck

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Artist Statement
Colors Keep the Darkness Away


Paterson Museum – Solo Show
Ebu-Arts Artist of the Year
Szpilman Award Top 6 list
World Maker Faire, NYC “As Clear as the Dream on Your Face”
Salmagundi Club, NYC, “Juried Photography/Graphics Exhibition”
Fusion Arts Museum, NY “Art of the Crash”

Fusion Arts Museum, NYC, “Hi Tek Hoop’s Legendary Ladies’ Torsos”
Barsky Gallery, Hoboken “Art’s Salute to Football”
Twitter Art Show, Moss Norway
Ivanhoe Artists Mosaic, Paterson NJ
– Solo Show
ArtFront Galleries, Newark, NJ – Solo Show

My work has been featured on the covers and interiors of national magazines and has found a place in galleries and museums across three continents. And commercially in national advertising campaigns. I’ve made guest appearances on TV programs in the US and Japan, and written and published multiple books. I can honestly say that I’ve had both painting and sculptures in the Guggenheim Muesem, with the caveat that they were face paintings and balloon sculptures created while entertaining at the Members’ Holiday Party! Some of my other commercial clients have included MLB, the US Open, Marc Ecko, and the Tribeca Film Festival.

I began my professional artistic journey as a face painter, but soon sought larger canvases and spent a decade exploring the world of body painting. Now I primarily paint with acrylics and light and create conceptual projects.
Initially painting bodies for prominent photographers,  when I  picked up the camera, enjoying the creative control of the process from the initial sketch to the body painting to capturing the images. My body paint images are unretouched to retain the integrity of what was created with makeup and camera. My work has been seen in such diverse places as the cover of Time Out New York, the Tyra Banks Show, HBO’s Flight of the Concords and Time Magazine’s website.

But my creativity extends beyond the tangible, frequently straying into the mystical and the magickal. One of my socially engaged art projects was a collaboration with over 300 participants who anonymously and generously shared their sleeping dreams and creative interpretations. Especially close to my heart is the creation of tarot decks. With each card I create, I learn more of the nuances of the tarot. I first saw a deck in a movie as a child, it ignited an enduring curiosity. This fascination led me to explore symbolism to seek knowledge of hidden truths. My quests have extended to the occult sciences, magick, and divination. I’ve immersed myself in the study of these arts and the transformative power of spells and rituals.

During the lockdown, I ventured into the world of filmmaking, creating and directing my first short film. The film achieved international recognition, including a premiere at the Mumbai International Film Festival and an award at the Andromeda Film Festival in Turkey.

As a former Jersey girl who ventured to Mexico, I discovered a vibrant and mystical land that resonates with my quest for enchantment and spiritual connection.

Thank you for being here. May we each add a touch of magic to our shared voyage.